Bruce rock hosts our patron

The Governor of Western Australia travels to Bruce Rock to hear about True Blue Dreaming


Bruce Rock District High School  hosted the Governor, Her Excellency, The Honorable Kerry Sanderson, State Patron for True Blue Dreaming, on March 17, 2015, when she visited the school to learn about the mentoring program in a school setting.

Her Excellency had the opportunity to learn more about the program from all the secondary students, some of the mentors, board members, parents and shire representatives. As an extension to the True Blue Dreaming mentoring program the secondary students mentor the Year 1/2 students – as seen in photo to right with the Governor speaking to a mentor/mentee pair.

Hear what two students from Wyalkatchem District High School had to say about their visit to Bruce Rock and meeting the Governor on 17 March;

By Emily and Acaciawylie2

Emily and I had the chance to visit Bruce Rock District High School to join the teachers, students and their True Blue Dreaming mentors, in meeting Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson Governor of Western Australia.

The Governor’s visit was to talk to the students about True Blue Dreaming, how it benefits us and to present Bruce Rock with microscopes donated by Rotary. A mentor and student delivered a speech on their views of TBD and how it influences them to become a better person and become successful in the future.

A mentor and student delivered a speech on their views of TBD and how it influences them to become a better person and become successful in the future.

We were chosen to represent our school as we are a part of the True Blue Dreaming program and because we are responsible leaders. We are very honoured to be able to experience this amazing event. We would like to thank Bruce Rock for having us and making us very welcome within their school. Also, a big thankyou to Mrs Trenorden for organising this opportunity for us and transporting us to Bruce Rock.


Speech by Bruce Rock Mentee regarding the TBD program

The True Blue Dreaming Mentoring Program is a brilliant program that the whole secondary has access to. Via emailing we are able to connect with our mentor who is inspirational and provides support, when needed. This program has extended my understanding of the outside world and what life is like after school. We all have a very motivating mentor who shares their life experiences and challenges us to think of what we want our future to become.

My mentors name is Carly and we have met face-to-face twice, once at a movie and once at a school organized event which was bowling. She is a nurse and has recently been on a trekking trip to Nepal with her fiancée, she likes to take photos of various places, her favourite is Kings Park. She and I talk about many things including schools beyond Bruce Rock, books, movies, jobs, problems, study techniques, upcoming events, hopes, hard times and most importantly goals. We have been encouraged to set goals with our mentors so they can help us aim higher for better opportunities and options and to do well in school, sports and at home. Having goals gives us something to work towards, which is good for us, it’s realistic and can be reached with the right amount of hard work and persistence.

Mentoring has been an important aspect in my high school life. It has made me realise how important your education is and what the next step in your life will be after school, such as University, TAFE and any other extra-studies if you choose that path. Carly has helped me through tough situations and has guided me through last year easily and with a brilliant understanding, I have no doubt she will continue to do this for the remainder of the year and throughout my life.

The mentoring program will always give us someone to talk to, which is especially good considering we live in a small town and everyone knows everyone else’s business, you can talk to someone who won’t judge you. I have no doubt that the True Blue Dreaming Mentoring Program is a huge success and I hope it has a long, vast future ahead, where more students can access it.