Halls Creek

Halls Creek mentors and staffThe Halls Creek program commenced in 2014 and is run with the Halls Creek District High School students, with support from Halls Creek Elders and Senior Community leaders.

Aboriginal students from the Kimberley who study at Universities in Perth and reside at St Catherine’s residential college make up the core mentoring group. They are part of the college’s Dandjoo Darbalung program, and they travel to Halls Creek twice a year to mentor students from years 8 to 12, encouraging them to have their own dreams and providing confident, articulate role models who understand their hardships and challenges and can give them the belief that they too can realise their dreams. After working with mentees and supporting teachers in the classroom during the day, they carry on their work after school, mixing with the community at the pools or basketball courts.

In November 2014 and 2015, True Blue Dreaming supported two trips to Perth for girls from years 10 to 12 for a camp at St Catherine’s College to help them develop a vision for what’s possible for indigenous students from remote communities. The girls had a full timetable of activities for the week, including tours of Curtin and UWA universities, visits to the city and Fremantle, netball and basketball workshops, and watching indigenous films. Woven through the activities were plenty of mentor-mentee conversations, time together and lots of shared meals, campfires and activities.

As a direct result of these camps and school visits, there are currently five girls who have come from Halls Creek to university supported by their mentors. The mentees also all graduated Year 12 from Halls Creek. We aim to support a similar camp every year as a reward for students demonstrating a commitment to their education, good attendance and a positive attitude.