2016 Derby mentoringTrue Blue Dreaming commenced a three year project in 2013 with Derby District High School to connect with  young people in the Derby and Mowanjum communities.

This included providing cultural induction and mentor training to volunteers from the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth and sending them to Derby where they interacted with young people during the school day and met with parents and community members after school.

More recently, aboriginal students from St. Catherine’s residential college and are part of the college’s Dandjoo Darbalung program have made up the core mentoring group, travelling to Derby twice a year to mentor students from years 8 to 12, encouraging them to have their own dreams and providing confident, articulate role models who understand their hardships and challenges and can give them the belief that they too can pursue university and other educational options.

After working with mentees and supporting teachers in the classroom during the day, they carry on their work after school, including mentoring students participating  in The Polly Farmer Foundation’s Follow The Dream after-school program, and mixing with the community, playing sport and chatting in shops and on the street. Once a year, we aim to bring students from Derby to Perth to get a firsthand idea of what university life could be like for them.